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Zita Easton

By God’s grace, my autoimmune conditions have been reversed and cysts have been eliminated from my body.

In 2012, my roller coaster ride of poor health began.  This catalyst triggered severe fatigue, where I was unable to leave my bed for days, hearing loss, debilitating joint aches, labored breathing, poor memory, lack of focus, and tinnitus. The list seemed endless.  

After visiting 12 doctors in one year and enduring repeated misdiagnoses, I felt hopeless, alone and depressed. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder that would cause permanent hearing loss. 

When I was instructed to begin a regimen of immune-suppressing drugs, I knew that it was imperative to take a new path. I began an anti-inflammatory diet that relieved some of my symptoms.  

My faith spurred me on to have the courage and strength to change my life and restore my health.  I used scientific research, education, and medical technology to delve into the root cause of my illness.

It is my intention to support you on your health journey as we journey together with dignity and grace, so you can develop the confidence to regain your balance and peace.


  • Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Nutrition Therapy Institute, Denver CO (2015)

  • Certified Dementia Specialist (2017)